The Brand

BLUMBAG is a Munich based brand, established in the Spring of 2015. BLUMBAG stands for timeless and elegant bags, made from the finest and most beautiful leathers, handcrafted by experienced leather manufacturers in Tuscany. Inspired by bringing understatement and elegance to everyday living, this is touchable luxury at its best.


The person behind

The heart and soul of BLUMBAG is Eva-Maria Blum. The inspiration of age old craftsmanship originating in Italy combined with her passion for the finest materials and timeless design, motivated Eva-Maria to start her own business with BLUMBAG. Her sense of beauty, quality and tradition is what makes BLUMBAG unique. Before founding BLUMBAG, Eva-Maria worked for a number of internationally acclaimed premium lifestyle brands.

With a strong passion for tradition, art, fashion and traveling, each of Eva-Maria’s journeys brings new inspiration for combining traditional cultures and fashion heritage. Integrating her own family name into the brand reflects Eva Maria’s enduring vision which values top quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. She virtually ‘signs’ every bag.

Understatement and clean are the driving forces behind Eva-Maria’s bags of timeless elegance and beauty.